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Sometimes we are so busy with an endless to-do list, being pushed and pulled by others, that we often run out of time to sit down and figure out what we want, now and in the future.

Because of that, we often react to what life throws at us rather than choose the path that is right for us and our contentment. The Luckiest People in the World don’t do that. They design their life proactively, planning on their own terms so they get what they want, when they want it. 

How would you like to learn in specific, easy-to-follow steps how to plan your life on your terms? You will learn specifically to identify what you want your life to be and how to do it, so you will honestly be living your dream life.


The Friends Connection Conference is a gathering of like-minded people in a structured learning setting. Our topics are incredibly useful to your plan and are presented by experienced guides who will help you with your life plan. They will help you understand options and consideration when planning. All wrapped up in a social event!


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