Becoming one of the Luckiest People in the World is a journey. We are pleased to offer resources to help you along

in your journey. 

Our podcasts, The Friends Connection Conferences and Travel Connections are intended to expose you to some

of the luckiest people in the world and the many interesting ideas and experiences they have to offer.

Beyond that, we have some more specific tools to guide you. A series of easy to follow online courses are designed

to help you in self-discovery, planning and designing your best work environment and your best overall life. 

We also offer custom one-on-one coaching as well. Simply reach out to us with your specific needs.


Combine those with easy-to-read, inexpensive books and blogs to inspire and support your journey before and

while you reach your goals.


Change is constant but change needs to be practiced. These tools will help you get there.



    Unhappy with your job? Bored in retirement? Unsure of your future

    and what to do? Want to be one of The Luckiest People in the World? Join Ray Loewe, The Luckiest Guy in the World, in an exciting, ongoing journey comprised of a series of information-filled lessons that will take you step-by-step through a process to put you on the path to Luckiest Guy/Gal status.


    My short books that tell a story about family, money and values that become your family legacy, always having a passion to learn, and how to become one of The Luckiest People in the World.



    Ray loves to share his wisdom and experience to help others find joy

    in their lives as he has.​

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