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Every time I return from one of these trips, I cross an item off my bucket list and add 2-3 more.


A few of our Travel Connection Adventures


We created a college course, for credit, to Costa Rica. Our instructor joined us and we visited the 5 different meteorological regions of the country. We started with a natural spa where hundreds of gallons of hot water poured over our heads in successively descending levels, through cloud forests and rain forests. Our journey culminated on the nesting beach where we helped scientists collect data on 5-foot long, 2000 lb. leatherback turtles.

Another trip found us on the Emerald Isle. We traveled on our own private bus with a knowledgeable and entertaining driver. Our daily destinations were scheduled, but our driver made every day an adventure. 

The Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque is magical. We arrived at the fields before dawn and were treated with the vision of a balloon launching in the dark to test the winds. It glowed from the flame inside. Given the go-ahead, we saw the sky filled with an explosion of color as hundreds of balloons rose simultaneously into the air.

Other places we've visited:​​​​ Italy including Rome, Florence, Tuscany & Venice. We have also visited London.


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