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“Changing the Rules” is a podcast about living the life you’ve always wanted. The luckiest people aren’t born lucky. They develop a series of mindsets that set them apart. Here are some recent episodes we have aired:


  • Meet the Geezer Jock. At age 103 he’s winning gold medals in athletic events. And yes, he’s not the only 100-year-old in the competition. What if you live to be a hundred?. Will you be winning medals and celebrating with your friends, or will you be sitting in your wheelchair in the nursing home hallway?


  • Meet Sarah, a psychologist who understands the importance of being happy every day.  Explore her process she uses to change her mood.  You have the power to be happy.


  • “The Luckiest People in the World” know what they want. If you don’t know what you want you’ll never get to where you want to be. But in this changing world, how do you know what you want? Join Tammi, to explore the incredible “energy audit” she uses to constantly monitor her direction in life.

A new episode every week. Subscribe below NOW.  It’s educational, and it’s motivational. And it’s FREE.


You can subscribe by clicking this link and clicking the subscribe button.

Another option is to use the podcast app on your iPhone. Type “Changing the Rules” into the search. Once you find it, click the subscribe link.


This link will take you to the Google Play site. Again, search for “Changing the Rules” and click the subscribe button.


Interested in being a guest on our podcast? What is your story? Do you already consider yourself a lucky person and have a unique story to tell? Please contact us! Tell us a little about yourself and someone will get back to you about being a guest or with sponsor opportunities you might find interesting.

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