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Putting Your Plan into Action

Will, who is married with two children, has been embarking on Ray’s courses. When he was about halfway through the first course segment, he expressed how difficult it was for him to make time to sit down and focus, as he was busy searching for a new job. With a little encouragement from Ray and his team, and guidance in breaking down the tasks in the course, Will was ready to dedicate the time. We caught up with him a month later and he had a very positive story to tell.

As he was on the search for a new job, Will began to explore his talents. He took an interesting tactic by first identifying his personal challenges. He came to the realization that he wanted to live a similar work and personal life and that he no longer wanted a work persona that was vastly different from the “Will” persona at home. Once this was identified, Will found it much easier to hone in on what his unique talents were. Continuing through the course materials, with this as his goal, Will changed his approach from looking for a close match in his job description to looking for an interesting position that would give him the opportunity to utilize his personal talents and strengths.

Putting this method into action gave Will the confidence to think out of the box. He told us that he had been able to secure a temporary position and that he feels much happier. While he is able to utilize his expertise and interests in a whole new way, he plans on continuing to put his new outlook to good use.

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