Ten Triggers That Can Make You Hate Your Job

In 2013 the Gallup Poll found that “70 percent of Americans hate their stupid job.” Even if you are among the 30 percent, beware, things out of your control can put you in the 70 percent in a New York minute! You need a playbook so you aren’t caught flat-footed.

Here are ten triggers that might have you pulling out that playbook.

A New Colleague is assigned to your team and you don’t get along.

Is there that one co-worker that drives you crazy? Sometimes you find yourself assigned to a team that is toxic to you. Do you grit your teeth and muddle through? Do you refuse to work with them and risk your job?

You have a new boss.

You come in one day and there’s a new supervisor or manager who wants to put his or her own stamp on things. Processes that were working fine suddenly are being replaced by new ones that create more work than benefits.