Find Your Project

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Everybody should have a project or two. I’m not talking about a project at work, or a project at home. I’m talking about a project that absolutely fascinates and motivates you. It should be one that adds new dimensions to your life.

I find I’m always evaluating potential projects.I never know where the next good one will be. I’m quick to dismiss project threads that don’t meet my criteria. I ask myself,

• Am I passionate about the project

• Do I feel I can make a significant contribution based on my “unique ability”?

• Do I feel that people really value my involvement?

Sometimes I find I need to go inactive if the above criteria change within the project. And if the criteria are met in the future, I can jump back in. I value my time and want to be involved in only those things that feed my passion and make me feel valued by others involved.