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is it REALLY luck?

Are you ready to become one of the luckiest people in the world?
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Hi. I’m Ray Loewe. For a good part of my adult life, I’ve been studying

”The Luckiest People in the World.”  Why do some people always seem lucky while others don’t? Here are some of my observations.


They are not afraid to change the rules.  Throughout our lives we’re saddled with rules from parents, teachers, churches, employers

and more. These rules are designed to control us, usually for good

reasons. But over time, rules can lose their relevance. Rules are restrictive. They either make us do things or they restrict us from better things. The Luckiest People in the World choose their rule set; those

that are relevant to them and those that allow them the “freedom

to be themselves.”


They believe there is always a positive solution to every problem. They don’t let inaction stymie them and they don’t let negativity get them down.


They know what they want and they create a Game Plan. They also know how to be flexible and create a separate Playbook for when the game changes. The Game Plan gives them a positive, focused direction. The Playbook gives them predetermined options if the game changes. Armed with these two tools they don’t get stuck in limbo for long.


As I continue to study “the Luckiest People in the World,” I am incorporating

what I learn into designing my own life. What an incredible difference!


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